Mechanism of Action


Weight Management

PandoradietTM effectively helps lose body weight while maintaining normal diet. PandoradietTM can help reduce blood glucose and triglyceride and increase HDL cholesterol. PandoradietTM helps increase muscle volume. In animal, PandoradietTM reduced body weight while maintaining normal diet. Animal study showed PandoradietTM reduced blood glucose by 37%, blood total lipid by 25%, and LDL cholesterol by 37%. In animal, PandoradietTM reduced fat mass by up to 45% in case of subcutaneous fat. In animal, PandoradietTM increased muscle volume by 220% while whole body volume decreased by 12%.

AMPK Activation

■ Panduratin’s anti-obesity efficacy is mediated through AMPK signaling.
AMP-activated protein Kinase (AMPK) ACTIVATION

■ It is shown that Panduratin’s anti-obesity efficacy is made possible through AMPK signaling.

■ AMPK regulates
Energy expenditure
Lipid catabolism
ATP production
Mitochondrial biogenesis
Glucose uptake
  Cardiovascular homeostasis.